2017 Toro New Zealand Speedgolf Open

NZ Speedgolf Open

2017 Toro New Zealand Speedgolf Open

Speedgolf is the newest fun, fitness orientated alternative to traditional golf to tee off in New Zealand. Kiwis of all ages, skill levels and fitness levels can learn to play and enjoy Speedgolf.

The third annual Toro New Zealand Speedgolf Open is been staged here at the Rotorua Golf Club on the weekend of the 4th and 5th of March 2017. The Rotorua Golf Course offers a unique experience for speedgolf in that the golfers must deal with the undulating terrain and geothermal features that surround the course. The tournament is available to all newcomers and top athletes and membership is not required to enter the tournament.

This year the dates of the competition have been aligned with the Australian Speedgolf Open which is scheduled for the 11th-12th of March. This gives international Speedgolf competitors the opportunity to take part in two national championships in the southern hemisphere.


What is speedgolf?

NZ Speedgolf OpenSpeedgolf is a fun new exciting sport which involves playing a round of golf in the lowest possible sum of strokes and time. To calculate a speedgolf score, you add the total number of strokes taken to the total number of minutes required to complete the round. An official speedgolf score must also include the number of seconds, in addition to the number of minutes required to complete the round. Seconds are also used to break tying scores.

In speedgolf you are only allowed a maximum of 7 clubs and you must carry them yourself, no caddies or carts allowed! Apart from a few changes to keep the game moving, the rules of speedgolf are very similar to the applicable rules of golf. Playing speedgolf is proven to enhance a player’s mental, physical, and creative capabilities on the golf course. Speedgolf naturally leads to more fun, increased fitness, greater imagination, and ultimately, improved performance. In short, speedgolf is nothing short of an exhilarating athletic experience.

As in traditional golf, course care is solely the responsibility of the player. Repairing ball marks, replacing divots and raking bunkers are the responsibility of the player. Occasionally in tournament play, a player will need to play through a slower player ahead of them. The player who is passing has the right of way. A simple “fore” by the passing player lets the player ahead know that he/she must halt play momentarily while the faster player plays through.


More Info and Register:

To register for the tournament, visit the 2017 Toro New Zealand Speedgolf Open webpage at golf.co.nz. If you have any queries, please e-mail speedgolfnz@gmail.com or visit the official Facebook page.

So, what are you waiting for? Get some mates together, grab a handful of clubs and visit Rotorua Golf Club for a speedy game of golf. Check out our speedgolf page for times, prices and more information. You could be a natural and up to the challenge of entering the 2017 Toro New Zealand Speedgolf Open.