Golf Etiquette for Beginners

Golf Etiquette

Golf is unique in that it is a self-regulating game and it is the responsibility of all golfers to know the rules. Golf etiquette is an integral part of the game and describes the way a game of golf should be played to ensure all players gain maximum enjoyment of their playing experience.

Here we outline the main reasons for golf etiquette to improve your overall golfing experience:


Play it safe:

The following points should always be taken into consideration for the safety of other golfers and your own. Every golf course is different, with various obstacles along the way to challenge all golfers. Rotorua Golf Course is a perfect example where golfers must show caution and follow the rules. With many holes played over and around dormant and active thermal areas, it is paramount that golfers follow the club rules to make the most of their round of golf.

Golfers should never swing a club until all other golfers are at a safe distance away from you and likewise, you should always stand back when others are swinging at a ball. A practice swing should also be carried out away from other golfers to reduce the possibility of pebbles or other substances in the grass from hitting a player. If you hit a ball in the direction of other golfers, make sure to shout “Fore” to act as a warning. This is the only accepted form of shouting on a golf course. Players should ensure that their temperament is kept at bay during the whole round of golf.

Pace of Play:

When enjoying a round of golf, it is important that a golfer is prepared and ready when it is their turn. Start visualising your swing and shot leading up to the tee off so that you have a plan of action when it is your turn. The Rotorua Golf Club benefits from being an all-weather links course that has been designed for easy walking and an excellent golfing layout. This ensures that golfers can keep a good pace to their rounds and should not impede on other golfer’s games.

If you lose a ball, do not spend too long looking for the ball as you will be holding up the group behind you. If you are using a golf cart, bring more than one golf club with you to the ball to eliminate time going back and forth. Boisterous behaviour may affect your pace and have a negative effect other groups around you.


The Golf Course:

In order to maintain the golf course, golfers should ensure that they observe all golf cart rules and stay away from all greens and hazards. The Rotorua Golf Club has unique thermal hazards that should be avoided – bubbling mud pools and steam vents on the 9th hole or the geothermal crater on the 14th.

You should always repair any divots in the fairway as best you can and repair ball marks on the green. If your ball enters a bunker, enter from the lowest side nearest the ball and rake the sand on your way out to remove all footprints. Golfers should always be respectful of other golfers when they are swinging or putting. Ensure you are not leaving a shadow over a putting line and don’t walk through a putting line as the footprints may alter the ball path. Golf bags should be left off a green and never walk across a green with your bag as the extra weight can make an imprint on the green.


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