Golf for Beginners – A Quick Guide

Golf for beginners: Coaching available at Rotorua Golf Club - Call now to begin the journey

Summer is fast approaching, evenings are getting longer and the weather is starting to clear up. Your friends like to go golfing and you want to join them. One problem, you can’t play. What do you do? Where do you start? Here is a quick guide for beginners to help you get on the first tee and one step closer to the clubhouse.


Having the right golf equipment is always a good start but buying your clubs without knowing what is best for you is not the best choice for you or your pocket. The best option is to head over to the golf shop at your golf course and rent your equipment until you get the feel of the sport. It is always good to ask questions at the shop and the staff been keen golfers, can give guidance on all the equipment available. Rotorua Golf Club has a fully equipped golf shop with clubs and trundlers to hire and test out.

Get a Lesson:

You have your clubs but how do you hold them or even swing them? Getting the right technique straight away is vital. There is no point heading out onto the tee-off area and not knowing what to do when you get there. The best option is to get a lesson or two with a professional. Learning the right stance, clubs to use and the best way to hit the ball will ensure you look like a pro in front of your friends. Visit a golfing range, practice hitting the ball first rather than aiming for the moon. Distance will come with time but getting the fundamental right will set you on the right path to defeating your friends. Speak to Anthony Barkley, golf coach at Rotorua Golf Club to get you on your way around the course.


Unfortunately, Golf takes time to become an expert in but the old saying ‘practice makes perfect’ is very true in this case. Take the opportunity to practice technique and accuracy rather than distance. Distance will come with time. Once you have learned the basic golf techniques and practiced hitting the ball you are ready to head out on the course.

Relax and Enjoy:

When you are heading out with friends on the golf course, it is more likely that your all going out for the enjoyment rather than the competitive side of golf. Have fun, lose a ball or two and enjoy the clubhouse afterwards. Golf is not a sport to be feared but rather enjoyed with friends.