Rotorua Golf Club - Arikikapakapa



14th best golf course in the North Island

Rotorua Golf Club has been ranked the 14th best golf course in the North Island

The ranks are determined by 47 PGA golf professionals including Sir Bob Charles who ranked their top 25 courses from throughout New Zealand.

The top three courses in the North Island were Kauri Cliffs, Wairakei and Kinloch. While in the South Island it was Jacks Point, The Hills and Millbrook.

Rotorua Golf Club chief executive Don Blackledge said the club was proud of the ranking especially considering the club didn’t even make the top 25 last year.

Blackledge put the improvement in the rankings down to golfers from around the country being more aware of what Rotorua had to offer not just in tourism but golfing as well.

“We don’t get too many mentions like this so it’s great for our club.”

New Zealand Golf Rankings creator Andrew Whiley said this year’s rankings were the most extensive rankings of New Zealand golf courses undertaken.

He said each course received 25 points for being ranked first and it continued down to one point for being ranked 25th.

Blackledge said the club’s course was popular because it appealed to a large variety of golfers.

“I think the course really has something for everyone and it has a lot of character with it’s thermal activity and its native bush.

“The course is over 100 years old and with its different vistas it really can be quite beautiful.”

The chief executive said the club hadn’t done anything to try and improve the ranking of the club but always focused on good maintenance, especially considering it was one of the first things some visitors saw when driving into the city.