Picking the right clubs for your golf bag

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There is nothing more enjoyable then spending a day on the Rotorua Golf Course with friends and having the best round of golf possible. Golf is a hugely popular sport played worldwide, with an abundance of different golfing equipment freely available. The biggest issue new golfers often face is what is the best golfing equipment available for their skill level that won’t break the bank. Here we outline the varies golfing clubs available that should be in every golf bag.




Golf Driver - Rotorua Golf ClubThe driver is a vital component in every golfing bag and can have a significant impact on a golfer’s handicap. The driver has the largest clubhead, lowest loft and the longest shaft of all the clubs in a golf bag. Drivers are long distance clubs typically used off the tee box for your first shot. They are not designed to be hit of the ground, but on a tee to help increase speed and distance whilst maintaining balance and control. They are typically designed with hollowed titanium heads and graphite shafts.



Fairway Woods:

Fairway Wood - Rotorua Golf ClubFairway woods are also an extremely important club in your arsenal of golfing clubs. The heads are generally smaller in comparison to the driver and the loft varies between different fairway woods. The higher the number on the fairway club, the greater the loft of the clubhead is and the higher the ball will go but also travel a shorter distance. Depending on the circumstances, you will choose your fairway wood to tee off or hit from the rough. The clubhead is like a driver – bulbous shaped head with a flat face to hit the ball.




Hybrids are a versatile club that is a cross between a fairway wood and an iron. Hybrids have a similar shape to a fairway wood but are smaller and more shallow making them easier to hit. They also have the loft and length of an iron but a lower centre of gravity so that the ball can still travel the distance of an iron.



Iron Set:

Irons are versatile clubs that can be used from short to mid-range shots or to cover long range shots from the tee. Irons can have either steel or graphite shafts. The clubheads have grooves built in to help generate the spin of the ball when its hit and to increase accuracy and control of your shot. The heads on irons are much thinner than woods in improve the accuracy of the shot. Irons are numbered and indicate how high and far the shot will travel. The higher the number, the greater the angle of the loft. This means that the ball will be hit higher into the air but go a shorter distance.




Iron Club - Rotorua Golf Club

Wedges are very like irons but have a higher degree of loft. This is to ensure a very high accuracy and spin of the ball. Wedges also have a bounce so that they do not dig into the ground but help chip shots around the green. The sand wedge is the most common wedge and is used for shots from sand bunkers.



The putter is by far the mostGolf Club Putter - Rotorua Golf Club used club in any golfing bag. The club face on a putter is flat and the smallest of all the heads on golf clubs. This club is used whilst on the green to gently roll the ball into the hole. A Blade putter is very useful on the green if you are confident with distance and direction. A mallet putter is the other option and is slightly larger and heavier. This is beneficial as it is more forgiving with mishits of the ball.



If you are looking for help in choosing the right clubs, head to the ProShop at Rotorua Golf Club and our staff will gladly help to choose the right golf clubs for your needs. Once you have the golf clubs sorted, Rotorua Golf club can also assist with lessons, tips and guidance from our guidance coach.