STRATEGIC PLAN 2015 – 2020

A Memorable Geothermal, Golfing Experience.

To provide a high quality golf course and facilities to Members, Residents, and
Visitors, as part of the Sport, Tourism, and Cultural experience of Rotorua


  • Preserving the integrity and best traditions of the game
  • Transparency in all decisions and actions
  • Maintaining the widespread affordability of golfing
  • Friendly and welcoming


Under clause 27 1 (g) of the club’s constitution The Trust Board is “responsible for the formulation each year of a Strategic Plan for the improvement, development, renewal, alteration or replacement of any of the Club’s land, buildings, machinery, plant and equipment or any other property of the club or the acquisition of property of any nature, course development or design, the provision of further club amenities and any matter pertaining to the development of the activities of the club.”

The Strategic Plan is a statement of what the trust board aims to achieve for club members and stake holders over the next five years, how it aims to achieve the intended results, what resources it will need and how these will be managed. Major risks have been identified and taken into account.

Rotorua Golf Club provides a unique geothermal golfing experience on the 18 hole par 70 / 72 all –weather links style course. Situated in the picturesque Whakarewarewa Geothermal Valley, opposite the Tourist attraction and on the main southern entry / exit of Rotorua, the course provides variety and challenge with many holes played over and around both dormant and active geothermal areas. Natural features of bubbling mud and steaming water along with bunkers combine to make up the unique golf hazards of the stunning course.

The club is well supported with a fully equipped professional golf shop providing club, trundler and electric cart hire. This, together with an accommodating club and a club with a strong historical background in the community makes for a memorable golfing experience.

To provide a great golfing experience for players of all levels on an attractive, all weather course that is well designed and well maintained. Players will enjoy a
pleasant welcoming environment.

Financial Sustainability

The Board aims to maintain at least and increase at best the net revenue necessary to sustain financial resources for the club in all aspects of the ‘golf experience’

  • There will be a focus on
  • marketing, promotion and communications to grow revenue streams.
  • The Club will maintain affordable membership fees which will cover a range of categories.
  • Targeted membership drives will occur annually
  • There will be an active promotion programme targeting both local and visiting players of all ages using a variety of communications.
  • Local Sports clubs will be contacted with invitations to run ‘golf days (mornings / afternoons)
  • RGC will link with golf promotions by NZ Golf where ever possible.
Golf Course

The course is the main source of satisfaction for all players. Its management together with that of non playing areas is paramount

  • Signage is clear, up to date, informative
  • All publications are informative, relevant and current
  • Green fees are at an appropriate level that attracts players
  • Course maintenance is up to schedule
  • Course machinery and plant is well maintained
  • Players are aware of or introduced to the golfing experience on offer at the club including those visiting on day memberships

All players can expect a great golfing experience on the unique and well maintained Arikikapakapa course. Golf is a logical tourist activity to offer in Rotorua.

  • A variety of affordable membership options will be available to players, including day memberships
  • The golf experience will include off course facilities being up to standard eg car parks clearly marked , clean locker areas, food and drink readily available, day members along with club members greeted and hosted in a welcoming manner
  • The proshop will have an active role in supporting the player experience at Arikikapakapa
Community Partnerships

The club as an activity provider constantly seeks to establish beneficial partnerships with a range of local organisations.

  • Relationships with organisations will be established eg Destination Rotorua, Sport BOP . Tourism Rotorua Partner programme
  • Key media outlets will be kept informed of RGC activities.
  • RGC will promote the opportunity to establish business networks through playing golf
  • RGC will liase with other Rotorua GC to promote Junior golf

Action Plan

Golf Course
Objective Strategy Performance Indicator Budget /Time frame Personnel responsible
1.1 All signage is clearly visible and informative to all players in the wider club environs Signage is checked Sponsorship is acknowledged on tee signs. Safety hazards, cart parks are clearly marked. Temporary course signs are clearly visible. Publicity information is clearly displayed in identified places. Signage will guide visitors to what is on offer. 6 monthly checks Club Manager
1.2 All publications are relevant, informative and current Print media is well used to provide information about golf at Arikikapakapa Flyers, pamphlets, newspapers including those specific to golf will provide player information for Arikikapakapa Updated at least annually or as / when changes in information occurs Club Manager
1.3 Green Fees are at an appropriate level that attracts players whilst providing a viable income for the club Green fees will be reviewed annually to cover a range of playing situations A range of Green fees will cater for local, international , corporate, sponsorship days at the course. Green fee players should be asked to complete a satisfaction survey (can be done ‘on line) Annually / as required Club Manager
1.4 Course maintenance is up date The course will be maintained in such a condition that provides a ‘great golf course’ Course improvements will be taken into consideration in the annual plan Seasonal work will be carried out according to schedule. Volunteer work by members will be a valued aspect of maintenance. The maintenance plan will be prepared annually with an accompanying budget Plan and budget prepared at the start of each financial year Club manager with ground staff Greens committee
1.5 Course machinery, plant and buildings are well maintained An indicative plant and machinery replacement programme which includes time frame and potential budget, will be in place An annual expenditure estimate will be will be budgeted
Plant and machinery will be well maintained and available for use as required or replaced as necessary. The utilization of plant and machinery may also impact on staffing requirements.
All safety protocols related to use of plant and machinery will be adhered to.
Annually for the beginning of the financial year Ongoing
1.6 Players are aware of or introduced to the ‘golfing experience’ on offer at the club, including those visiting on day memberships Newsletters, Flyers, personal contact, social media, signage, website are all communication strategies available to the club to introduce the ‘golf experience’ at Arikikapakapa The club is using all means of communication available to it to inform members and visitors. The club will engage with visitors in an effort to understand what they do and don’t like about the experience provided by the club.
Members will be surveyed for feedback to inform club planning.
The culture of the clubrooms will one of ambience and welcome with suitable fittings and furniture to create this, .both inside and around the veranda/ terrace area.
Publications renewed quarterly or updated as information comes to hand. Whenever visitors are about the facilities. Annually Club Manager Board and committees work to set the culture
Objective Strategy Performance Indicator Budget/Time Frame Personnel responsible
2.1A variety of affordable memberships options will be available to players, including day Membership options may include Life, Senior, Full playing, Junior, Country, 9 hole, day, summer for men and women, pay as you play. Memberships will be sustained at least with the goal of increasing by 20 members annually.
A membership drive will be promoted September of each year. Feedback will be sought from members resigning and this information used to inform planning. Membership information will be promoted via of media in a range of local outlets eg Destination Rotorua, Library, accommodations, real estate outlets, website
Annually September annually Updated / restocked at least six monthly Club Manager
2.3 ‘The Golf Experience ‘ will include off course facilities being up to standard providing a pleasant social culture. This will include the experience right from when players drive into the club environs Car park clean and clearly marked. Locker rooms clean and tidy, towels available, lighting good, maintenance up to date. A variety of food and beverage is available at all times the club house is open. A range of pay facilities available for food and beverage. All players are greeted cheerfully by all staff, visitors needs anticipated and met where possible. Club signage is clear and informative, guiding visitors to what is on offer. Working Relationship with an organisation such as QE Spa is developed for ‘after golf’ therapeutics. Club Manager
2.4 The pro shop will have an active role in supporting the player experience at Arikikapakapa All items required for a round of golf can be obtained at the last minute Green fee players can hire carts, clubs, trundlers, shoes. Local players can readily obtain last minute items. Players will be greeted and given relevant information for the course as necessary Club Professional
Community Partnerships
Objective Strategy Performance Indicators Budget / Time Frame Personnel responsible
3.1 Relationships with key organisations will be established The club will engage with organisations such as, Tourism Rotorua, Sport Bay of Plenty, Lakes District council, Golf Tourism NZ, Rotorua Chamber of Commerce (BA5) Publicity and promotion will be evident about the city (eg banners in hotel foyers, printed material) eg Holiday in when major Rugby games on. New partnerships developed, for eg Te Puia, QE Health Sponsor / partnership days can be held periodically on the course. RGC partnership with Pukeroa Oruawhata holdings will be further developed.. Ongoing Club Manager
3.2 Key media Outlets will be kept informed of RGC activities and opportunities Regular information and updates will be fed to all local media outlets and the RGC Website as well as Cut Magazine and the Pacific Golfer Local newspapers including free community papers, community radio, club newsletters, RGC website will all carry current information about club events and opportunities. It will also contain links to sponsors Ongoing Club Manager
3.3 RGC will promote opportunity to establish business networks through playing golf The benefits of golf as an opportunity for networking will be used in promotional materials Any promotional materials will contain relevant information. Corporate memberships will be promoted and evident. ‘Local’ business/player days hosted periodically. Larger (key) businesses in Rotorua will be contacted to offer ‘company’ golf days where food, beverage and equipment are available. A club directory of members businesses is introduced and included in the club handbook Club Manager
3.4 RGC will liase with other RGC to promote junior golf The Geyserland Junior Golf Club concept will be developed in accordance with RGC Charitable Trust status A junior golf co-ordinator will be appointed. Coaching sessions will be in place. Junior Golf numbers will show an obvious increase in number. The professionals offer programmes in schools, possibly with Sport BOP Immediately and to be ongoing Golf Professional
Financial Sustainability
Objective Strategy Performance Indicator Budget / Time Frame Personnel responsible
4.1There will be a focus on marketing, promotion and communications to grow sustainable revenue streams Communication strategies will be regular, thorough and focussed and done in a professional manner. The Club needs to see itself as an activity provider and operate accordingly to attract green fee players accordingly. The club must maximise its’ product offerings in order to sell a product that the customer wants. Newsletter format to be updated and sponsored (?) A range of communications will be used which will inform all members and non members alike. A ‘member care’ document is produced, displayed and used in marketing. An advertising calendar is established and displayed. The Trip Advisor link on the RGC website will show an increase in favourable reviews of the RGC ‘Product’. This also makes use of ‘word of mouth’ a powerful marketing tool. Immediately Ongoing Immediately Start of Club year Immediately Club Manager
4.2 The club will maintain affordable membership fees. A range of membership options are available taking the local demographics into account (see 2.1) Membership revenue will increase beyond 50% of club revenue. Affordable memberships will produce an increase in membership across the categories. New membership categories may be introduced (men’s 9 hole) and catered Membership Categories are promoted along with advantages of that particular membership. The Board
4.3 Targeted membership drives will occur annually Targets would include;
Rotorua residents who don’t belong to a club but know how to play golf, green fee players from NZ, Rot residents who don’t know how to play, NZ residents and overseas players are target markets. Golf NZ has identified players in the 45 -55 age group as a target market.
A vigorous media advertising campaign is held at the start of the club financial year. Club members are actively involved in seeking new members. Membership options are clearly described on the club and ‘Love Golf’ websites. A ‘give golf a try’ package is introduced. The message for advertising membership subscriptions will differ according to the membership option advertised September annually
4.4 There will be an active promotion programme targeting both local and visiting players Fun days, School Holidays activities. Involve Sport Bay of Plenty, Sec School Sports co-ordinators. Ensure RGC Course is available to members and Green Fee Players at Key playing times of the year. Ongoing Club Manager. The Club Professional
4.5 RGC will link with NZ Golf promotions wherever possible RGC will use the expertise available via NZ golf to support the performance of the club Regular meeting /liason with BOP NZ Golf